Kurs – Rocket Pizza oven!

Kursen kommer att hållas på engelska av Eveline Mimpen (Deep Green Design) från Holland.
Lö 3 – sö 4 september
Price 2400 SEK
Included fika (coffee/tea) x 2 and breakfast. Bring your own lunch and dinner! We practise a ”gliding price scale” – contact us if you need to discuss the price and we try to find a solution.

To book your place, pay the whole amount (or registration fee 1000 SEK) to bg 775-7313 (write whom it’s from!).  

There is space to put up a tent in the pasture, or rent a camper 200 sek/night. It’s ok to come on Friday to be on site Saturday morning! Also there is a hostel Håknäs vandrarhem in Järna. 

– Participants will get a clear understanding of the differences between a ’regular’ pizza/bread cob oven and a rocket-stove version and when to build which.
– We will go into rocket stove design, theory and practice.
– We will build a rocket pizza oven together(!!!)
– We’ll discuss different ways of protecting your oven.
– You will feel confident in designing and building your own oven
– We’ll have loads of fun! bring your favorite cob threading music!

Course overview
8:30 Arrival
9:00 Introductions, theory on regular cob ovens and on rocket stove design.
10:00 Kort fika/break
10:20 Continue theory. Photo’s of base. looking outside + firing it up. Perhaps try make a little rocket stove
12:30 Lunch
13:15 Making cob, sand dome, and thermal layer
15:00 Fika
15:20 Continue, make doorway.
16:45 Work closure/cleaning up
17:00 Setting up tent time
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Tour of Friberga gård, social time.

Day 2
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Starting work. Making insulation material. Taking sand out.
10:00 Fika
10:20 Resume work. Building insulation layer.
12:30 Lunch
13:15 Theory on oven protection and plasters.
15:00 Fika
15:20 Finishing up oven.
16:45 End of workday/cleaning up.
17:00 Conclusions, evaluation and goodbye’s

Optional/Gap fillers
> Show pictures of cool ovens
> Show pictures of previous work
> Make mini regular oven
> Siri talks about her ecovillage dream ♥

The site will be prepared beforehand by us, we bill build the base with rocks and cob, plus prepare insulation and special material.